Dividing Fractions Calculator

Here is the best, fastest, and easiest Dividing Fractions Calculator you can find online.


Here is how the Dividing Fractions Calculator divided your fractions:

First, it used the "Keep, Change, Flip" method where this:

becomes this:

Then, it multiplied the numerator by each other, and multiplied the denominators by each other, to get the following result:

Third, it simplified the result, if possible, to get the following:

Finally, the Dividing Fractions Calculator converted the result to a mixed number if the simplified result was an improper fraction.

Keep, Change, Flip

What is the "Keep, Change, Flip" method?

When you divide one fraction by another, you "keep" the first fraction, you "switch" the division operation to a multiplication operation, and you "flip" the numerator and denominator of the second fraction.



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