Convert 5 to 2 Odds to Probability

5 to 2 Odds means that there are 5 chances of one outcome and 2 chances of a different outcome.

We will call these different outcomes A and B. Thus, there are 5 A's and 2 B's in 5 to 2 Odds.

5 to 2 Odds can be written as a ratio of 5/2. Instead of a ratio, Probability shows the percent chance of the outcomes A and B.

The two formulas to convert Odds to Probabilities are as follows

(A/(A+B))*100 = A%
(B/(A+B))*100 = B%

When we plug the 5 to 2 Odds numbers into the formulas, we get:

(5/(5+2))*100 = 71.43%
(2/(5+2))*100 = 28.57%

Therefore, 5 to 2 Odds converts to the following Probabilities:

71.43% Probability of A

28.57% Probability of B

So instead of saying 5 to 2 Odds, you could say that there is a 71.43% Probability.

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