Is 604 a good or bad credit score?

You know that your credit score is 604, but do you know what it means? Is 604 a good or bad credit score?

We will give you a grade like you are in school. A 604 credit score earns you the following grade: F

We are sorry to say, but a 604 credit score means that most things have gone wrong.

604 credit score could mean a life of outstanding credit card bills, overdue bills, late charges, penalties, eviction, denial of credit, collection agencies calling you and so on.

We recommend that you take a personal finance class. It is going to be a long hard road to get back on your feet. Limiting spending, working more, and paying off debts over a long period is the key to getting out of grade F.

We wish you the best of luck.

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Important Note
This is Valeur's interpretation of a credit score of 604, and not necessarily how all financial institutions, employers, lenders and so on would interpret a 604 credit score. Furthermore, our recommendations are simply what we would do, and may not apply to your situation.

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