Is 651 a good or bad credit score?

You know that your credit score is 651, but do you know what it means? Is 651 a good or bad credit score?

We will give you a grade like you are in school. A 651 credit score earns you the following grade: D

We do not think 651 is a good credit score. It probably means you had some problems with late payments, maxed out cards and so on.

You are high risk in the eyes of lenders, credit card companies, insurers, and even employers. To increase your 651 credit score, you need to make a lot of changes.

Don't apply for lots of credit cards and department store credit, and only keep the cards you need. Don't get one loan to pay off another. Limit your spending, and work towards always paying your bills and paying down your debt.

A D grade is better than F. With some serious financial lifestyle changes, getting out of a D grade is possible.... but it is hard work. Good Luck.

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Important Note
This is Valeur's interpretation of a credit score of 651, and not necessarily how all financial institutions, employers, lenders and so on would interpret a 651 credit score. Furthermore, our recommendations are simply what we would do, and may not apply to your situation.

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